MMM Network Membership

Hello and thank you for your interest in networking with Mad Mad Makers. This business development network has been growing since January 2013 and was created to help promote small independent handcrafting businesses.

Network Membership is a two-part investment for your business.

  1. The first goal of this Network is to provide online exposure and marketing opportunities via the MadMadme brand and social media outlets to create new followers, fans and customers.  We create the platforms for you to do this, and you get to participate at your own pace.
  2. The second goal is to teach you how to promote and market your own business. This is done through participation in the network group itself. Through feedback, evaluations and topical advice and discussion, you will grow in professionalism and market savvy.

Platforms and benefits we offer to help you expand your Online Presence:

Network with other Makers

  • Our private group is home to some fabulous interaction and support between members, and the contributions of each one to the community makes us stronger than any of us could be alone. Our combined Fanbase is over 200K Fans

Social Media Platforms

  • Social Media Syndication
    Through participation in our weekly Share for Share programs, your links will be syndicated well beyond your own reach. We broadcast your links across all MMM venues.
  • Selling in our online Seasonal Marketplace  (COMING SOON IN 2016)
    Makers will be offered a shop to sell in an elite, collective seasonal marketplace (craft fair) for handmade goods only. A percentage of each sale will revert to MMM but there will be no shop fees or listings fees beyond that. The Marketplace will be continuously promoted, as will the individual items for sale) on all MMM social media outlets.
  • Makers Directory
    Our website is the Main online presence for Makers, and each Maker will be featured in a directory which will not only identify you as a Maker but will link back to your online shops and social media. In addition to your business links, and a brief bio, you will also be able to populate a gallery with portfolio photos of your work. Use your directory listing as a hub for customers and readers to find out more about you and your online presence. 
  • Invitation to contribute content to the Makers’ Blog
    Members are offered the opportunity to write articles for the Makers’ website. If you would like to share more about what you do and how you do it, we would love to feature you on our blog! Everyone loves a behind the scenes peek.
  • Cross Promotion
    We need each other. That is just a truth. If we are to be seen, heard and known, we need each other to help get the word out. Believe it or not, Maker to Maker sharing is the BEST thing we can do in this group to make it effective for everyone involved. This is the true spirit of networking, and all members are encouraged and expected to become involved in the process. Please understand, this is NOT an advertising service where someone else does the work for you! Your own participation and effort is vital to your success.
  • Handbook to Madness
    As a Maker, you are able to access the Handbook to Madness which is full of the opportunities you will have to participate in as well as tips for your business that will allow you to grow, brand yourself and become more polished over time.

You will receive all of this for just $8 per month. Are you ready to be a Maker?

Click Here to Apply Now!

(Please read here for our full membership terms.)


Handpicked Makers, why we have an application process. . .

In an effort to ensure professionalism at all business levels and to endorse quality products, all potential Makers must go through a review process and agree to our Terms before membership is granted. By doing so, we can all confidently endorse and promote one another, knowing that each Maker is committed to their business and their customers.

Hobbyists, new and established businesses are welcome! It is our hope that this group be filled with those who are avidly pursuing business success with their hand-making talents. We strive to promote original, high quality, handmade work from around the world.


Right of Refusal: Mad Mad Makers and MadMadme (Charissa Ragsdale) reserves the right to cancel membership at any time. If your business, in principal, material or otherwise, contradicts, defames, disrupts, combats or otherwise harms the Mad Mad me blog or community, we will kindly refuse your request to advertise with us. And will promptly remove you from Network Membership, without notice or refund.

 This information is provided by Charissa Ragsdale, owner of &, ©Charissa Ragsdale, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

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